Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Jet W. Lee

Chicago IL,
Jesse W. Johnson
Patrick Mangan
Pierre Achille
Acoustic, Alternative, Rock
Date of Creation: 2009-05-30



    1 - Anticipation High
    2 - New Mexico
    3 - When Beauty Met The Blues

Hey all! Thanks for tuning in and checking us out. In January we released our debut LP "WHO SHALL REMAIN SHAMELESS" and we've gotten it pressed to VINYL!! You can also check it out on itunes, Rhapsody, myspace music,... etc.!

  • "With their jangly guitars, bombastic drums, earnest vocals, and citified touches of country, local comfort-rock trio Jet W. Lee sound like they've spent a lot of time listening to mid-80s Husker Du and R.E.M... but the members of Jet W. Lee seem like they're still able to feel the glamorous glow of in-the-know cult adoration that accompanied such groups in their indie-label days... They've managed to give their self-released debut album, Who Shall Remain Shameless, a peculiar angsty charge that helps me feel it again."  -Chicago Reader-
  • "What can you make of a band whose name is Jet W. Lee? It sounds like a mode of travel for Civil War generals... The band’s sound? Nineties alternative rock like Superchunk or Local H mixed with a bit of eighties punk a la Minutemen... The recording turned into album “Who Shall Remain Shameless,” all materialized over the fall of last year... Yet the album has a feel that seems polished beyond such a short stint in the studio."  -New City-
  • "To put it simply, Jet W. Lee's WHO SHALL REMAIN SHAMELESS is a solid work of straightforward rock... (the album) works because of, not in spite of, a lack of frills and exaggerations, remaining true to a credible format of drum, bass and guitar (and harmonica!)"  -Smile Politely-

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