Sunday, September 15, 2019
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90s Daughter

Champaign, IL
Jen X
Tom G
Guido and Barham
Alternative, Grunge, Rock
Date of Creation: 2009-09-22


90s Daughter is a band from Champaign, IL - a town known for being a fertile source of bands.  There's no shortage of musicians in this college town, but few stick with it for longer than a few years.  Those who do go on to form bands like 90s Daughter.  You see, this strictly (loosely) 90s band is comprised of Champaign rock veterans on the guitar, bass and drums who cut their teeth on 90s music both in bands that played original and cover music.  And they're still playing today.  And from what I've heard, they don't suck.  They back up the gem of the band, Jen X, who is by all accounts a true child of the 90s, having been a teenager for a good portion of them.

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