Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Jim Smiley

Central Illinois,
Jim Smiley
Hip Hop, Pop, Rap
Date of Creation: 2011-01-17



    1. - Jam
    2. - Gravity
    3. - Fight
    4. - Lois Lane
    5. - Already Won
    6. - Toss N Turn
    7. - 2nd Chance

Saving this city from terrible music. It seems like people are more concerned with ego more so than the actual music being put out. I'm here to change that, I've dedicated myself to my craft. I've Sacrificed so much just to get to where I'm at.
I've put music before, love, money, school, anything you can name. There's no turning back now.
Jim Smiley is a symbol of standing up to those who tell you what you're doing isn't cool.Jim Smiley represents going left when everyone else is going right. Thinking like an individual when everyone else tells you you're crazy for it. Or being yourself even if it's considered "weird". Smiley stands for pain, and using that pain to evolve.

"Help me put an end to terrible music"

Thank you I hope you enjoy.

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