Monday, March 18, 2019
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Hart Felt Sorrow

Springfield Illinois,
Jeremie Bailey Tristan Snodgrass Zac Stephens Robby Black
Pop Punk, Post Hardcore, Rock
Date of Creation: 2009-09-25



    1 - Honesty
    2 - My Golden Ticket Your Impulse Buy
    3 - A Tribute To The Queen of Liars
    4 - Sedation And Peace Master

Hart Felt Sorrow spawned from an Epic Battle of Street Fighter II in an Arcade not far from Springfield Illinois. These 4 dudes have fought their way from being kids screaming at the stage to being on stage. The only light is a city of darkness Hart Felt Sorrow is burning their way through every city street by street! Hart Felt Sorrow is Jeremie Bailey Tristan Snodgrass Zach Stephens and Robby Black 

We have played a few shows over the years heres a list of the bands that we have played with

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Icon For Hire

The Dirty Ernies

Joe Frew

Lucky Boys Confusion

Swizzle Tree

Josh Aaron

Pit Stain Pete

Lanny AD

The Zombots

Music For Big Kids

Gypsy Collabo

The Pimps

Jumbo Elliot

Nate Holly

Digg Down Deep

Shadows Inc

Still Away Lane

The Mhurs

The Destroyer,

The Council,

Last Call For Sumnmer

The Robbery


The Anytime

Aux Sable Embers

Code 30

Nate Cozadd

The Reel Channel Cats


The Micah Walk Band

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