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Loud Clouds

Springfield, IL
Chris Trudeau: Keys & Vocals
Joann Trudeau: Steel Drum
Dustin Strother: Guitar God
Eric Brawner: Drums
Eric Heyen (E2): Bass
Experimental, Jam Band, Reggae
Date of Creation: 2009-12-29


Phone: 217-414-2436


    1 - Strong Breeze
    2 - And see the lie.

We are the Loud Clouds from Springfield, IL.
We play reggae/rock crowd sourced jams.
With deep jam outs & chill keyboard melodies, we please.

We started as an idea. One day in 2009, My wife & I attended a bad concert. While we sat and hurt our ears, I wished for a chance to help. I wanted to help our ears, all of them, all in attendance of this bad, ear hurting concert. Then it hit me: We should be able to have a say in what we are being surrounded with in our sonic environment. Heck, we should be able to commandeer the bad bands instruments and just jam ourselves as the crowd. After all, we are all here & who knows what music we want to hear better then us? We should be able to play! At the least, we should have a say...

This was the birth of the Crowd Sourced Jam.

Next step, need a band to play crowd sourced jams.....
Ladies & Gentleman......
Please Welcome..............
tttttthhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeee Loud Clouds!!!

Loud Clouds began as Me, my wife Joann & our friend Joel Honey (from the Springfield band BUK) started playing songs together. Then a high school buddy, Tad O'Brien, took over guitar but when his schedule tightened we found our guitar god, Dustin Strother! My life long friend Eric Brawner is our drummer & our newest member E2 (Eric Heyen) rocks the bass. My wife Joann Trudeau plays the steel drum and I play keys & sing.

Every show we do a few things that set us apart from other bands. Our full set has several different sides to it, all mixed together to keep the audience excited. Our written material consists of nice original reggae songs & this makes up part of our set. Another side of our set is characterized by improv songs ending in big sound filled jam outs. These songs develop within the band and flow out to the crowd. Then we reverse this equation and let the crowd decide our jams. For these songs we will let the audience decide on a subject or two for us to make up a song about, live & on the spot! That means a 100% original piece of music, with rhyming lyrics based on the audiences comments. We will even let the crowd request the tempo!

When we do crowd sourced jams, it can go from being a reggae show to a funk show to disco to rock & back again! It is a very fun experience for both us & the crowd, as together we create a work of musical & performance art as a whole. It's like the whole space for people become one in an artful moment of creation. It is always a good time & sometimes it is truly an amazing musical moment, only possible in that time & place with those attending the show.

Another thing we do besides just asking the audience for things to sing about is letting them actually play in jams with us! We pull out a box of instruments and hop off stage, then walk around the crowd passing them out. A song almost instantly starts to develop as the audience start to play, be it a hand drum, shaker, or chimes, all of a sudden everyone is in the band & with no effort a beautiful group jam comes to life.

We love these moments & often someone will stop up after a show and say how they never play music because they didn't think they could or knew how. We believe music is inside everyone, it just takes the right place & time for it to come out. That's what we want to be, a kind of perfect moment for people, a perfect moment for growth with just the right temperature, sunlight & moisture level to make the musical sprout come to life. Germinating the jams, aka Jaminating (we made it up), that's what we are all about.

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