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The Union Blue

Belleville Illinois,
Saint Michael Elliot
Father Lee Blacklung
The Bishop
Cardinal Eugene Gabirel
Monsignor Frenchie LaBlonde
Blues, Folk Rock, Indie
Date of Creation: 2009-10-19


In June of 2007 three friends from Belleville IL put together a three piece blues rock outfit called; "The Union Blue".  By fall and winter of that year The Union Blue was feeling showready and began playing regularly at The Red Sea.  After a year of playing and sonic evolution, the band added a second guitar and a mandolin. The three piece thus became a five piece in the fall of 2008.   This major change led to a boom in experimentation. The Union Blue played several shows with this line up at clubs around the St. Louis area including The Way Out Club in St. Louis and The Blue Agave in Belleville, which has sort of become a home club for the band.  Unfortunately, the mandolin did not work out for The Union Blue. So, by the spring of 2009, the band was a four piece.  With so much changing for the band, The Union Blue decided to commit all of their previous works to record and move on.  In June of 2009, The Union Blue released a free self recorded album titled "Two Years On".
    Following the recording of "Two Years On". The Union Blue found a want for someone to share duties with.  So, in the summer of 2009, the band added a fifth member.  A song writing boom occurred with the edition of this fifth member. The band's sound and live performance shifted immensely.  The band got started on inventing and perfecting their "manic post-industrial  blues sound" after building a makeshift recording studio in their basement practice space affectionatly dubbed "The Union Hall". With a new focus on a manic-rock influenced sound and an exciting live show, the band got set to record a serious album and has booked a small blitz of shows for the fall and winter of 2009.
    Amidst this flurry of shows, The Union Blue is writing and recording what they hope to be a solid album to be sold to the public.  The band feels very inspired and happy with this lineup, which seems to be the most workable and permanent lineup the band has had.  As a five piece unit, The Union Blue feels at home. Given that all of the members have known one another since high school and have, in most cases, played in bands with one another in one form or another since those teenage years. They feel they have the tightest group a band in the area could hope to get. The buzz at shows is that The Union Blue is perfecting one of the most original sound in the St. Louis area.

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