Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Juke House

Springfield, IL
Brian Moore: Vocal, Sax
Tim Bahn: Piano, Vocal
Mark Sanders: Drums
Manley Mallard: Guitar
Mike Lang: Bass
Date of Creation: 2013-06-22


Phone: 217-528-9837


    - Route 66.mp3

Juke House is a band of five musicians from Springfield, Ill. It was formed when Brian and Mike were discussing their love of a style of music known as jump blues. They reached out to other local musicians who they thought would also share their interest in jump blues.

Jump blues is an up-tempo swinging music that is considered the precursor to Rhythm & Blues and Rock \'n\' Roll. It was very popular in the 1940s and early 1950s, made popular by artists such as: Louis Jordan, Louis Prima, Nat King Cole, Big Joe Turner and others. There was a revival of this style of music in the 1990s by artists like Brian Setzer and Joe Jackson and it is still very popular today.

Jump blues got its name because of how people would jump up to dance when they heard it.

Juke House is a band of 5 talented musicians who have come together to bring something \'new\' to central Illinois - fun-loving, upbeat, swinging, and grooving music called - Jump Blues!

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