Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Arlin Peebles

Springfield, IL
Date of Creation: 2014-08-13

Email: arlin.peebles@gmail.com

Phone: 2176703743


    - Not A Trap
    - Fear Of Straight Lines
    - Some Big Mystery

At age 15, Arlin Peebles was ready to quit guitar lessons after two years of frustration with the book. Sensing his lack of enthusiasm, the instructor finally asked "What would you like to play?" They spent the next two weeks learning "NIRVANA MTV Unplugged" front to back. Now armed with a handful of chords, Arlin began twisting and turning them into songs of his own. This outpouring of music eventually led to the formation of his first band Cleanray in 2000 and later Young Loves in 2007. Now 35, and left to his own devices, he creates music that lends itself to the sparse arrangements of voice, guitar, harmonica, and sometimes loop pedal. The music is informed by influences of the past (Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young) as much as the present (Jeff Tweedy, Beck, Will Oldham).

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