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Mark Mills

Springfield, IL
Mark Mills: Guitar/vocals
Date of Creation: 2015-08-05



    1 - American Man
    2 - Something to Do
    3 - Cool Aire
    4 - Ann Radcliffe

 “American Man” is an album which is the result of years of work Mark Mills has put into his songwriting and recording. From the driving title track all the way to the ending, the album hits all the bases loved by Americana music fans.

Recorded during the winter of 2015-16 at Harmony House Studio in Nashville, “American Man” was produced by the dynamic genius Spike Jones, who brings a rich presence into all the selections. The talent roster also includes Cris Leuzinger—best known for his tasty guitar work on Garth Brooks albums, drummer Jerry Kroon and bass-ist David Smith—part of Don McLean’s touring band, and keyboard-ist/arranger Tony Migliore—a legend in Music City’s history.

Mark has been performing since the 70s, but after soldiering away these years in cover bands, he has found his own voice. For more than a generation, he rocked with a large number of groups around the outskirts of Chicago. Topping this was his tenure with The Meerkat Mobsters, a scorching rockabilly trio that packed venues and attracted loyal followers from Chicago to Peoria.

Mark can be reached directly at 217-622-2383, or email Check out his site at

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