Thursday, November 14, 2019

Stone Soup Hike

January 1, 2020

2301 E. Lake Shore Dr.
Springfield, IL 62713

TIME: 10am-12pm


PHONE: 217-899-9996




Time for a local Sierra Club tradition! This year we will be back for our annual stone soup hike at the shelter by the entrance to Lincoln Memorial Gardens. The way this works is we provide the liquid in which to cook the ingredients and you bring an ingredient to be placed in the soup (Vegetable, Lentils, Rice, Meats) and your own eating utensils and bowl. Meats or items that need long cooking time should be cooked at home and brought to be placed in the pots. There will be a vegetable only pot and a pot with meat and vegetables. Then while our cooks tend to the soup we will go on an easy 2 mile hike through the gardens. When we get back we eat and socialize! Be sure to dress for the weather and hope we do not have record setting cold again like last year. Signing Sierra Club Outings Wavier required.

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