Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Springfield, IL
rollemred hair : lead singer
smooth kid : singer
da 1: singer
Alternative, Experimental, Funk, Other, Pop, Soul
Date of Creation: 2013-01-17

Email: onpointrollemred@gmail.com

Phone: 217-816-0861


    - on point ft mami dice dance flood .mp3
    - on point im dead.mp3
    - on point my allien girl .mp3
    - on point shapeshifter .mp3
    - on point she like .mp3

"On Point" a well respected up-and-coming Alternative Soul Group consisting of "Rollem Red Hair" born Adrian Q. Anderson from Joliet, Illinois, "The One" born Tristan Watson from Springfield, Ill. and, "Smooth Kid" born DeAndre Sivels from Rock Island, Ill. are preparing for the well awaited release of there mix-tape titled "New Lifetime" this year.

In there debut album release the group "On Point" will prove to be more than prolific musicians, but a group of diverse one's as well, letting each successive release broaden the scope of the there oeuvre. "New Lifetime" is a nice alternative collection of smooth relaxed ballads, upbeat dance songs with a touch of hip-hop-indebted confidence and, feel good stadium music.

"On Points" style is a pervasive sense of peace and feel good music that will be loved by all. "New Lifetime" is an album that will reflect "On Point" as a group of talented musicians but will also allow fans to appreciate each members individuallity

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